Imprint: An ode to Inkomo Yabenguni

Imprint: An ode to Inkomo Yabenguni

The Imprint brand has become synonymous with the reinvention and reimagining of African heritage in fashion. Designer Mzukisi Mbane’s commitment to telling the story of his ancestors in a futuristic way was on display once again at this year’s Africa Fashion Week 2020.

His collection is called Inkomo Yabenguni (Inguni Cow) and was inspired by the importance of the cow in the Nguni culture. Traditionally, the Nguni cow, with its variety of tones and shapes, is symbolic of wealth and prosperity. As such it is used to celebrate every different life stage. From two people falling in love and committing to making a life together, to the birth of a child or the death of a loved one, the cow is offered up to mark the moment. For the community making the sacrifice, this is not only a sign to those witnessing the occasion, but also a way to honour the ancestors. It is a way to take stock of a life lived, to give thanks for what has been received and what is to come and to mark history.

“As you saw the Nguni cow was incorporated in the traditional Imprint print throughout the collection,” says Mbane who sees this collection as a nod not only to Nguni culture but also to his mother.

“My story begins with a single root, my mother, who inspires every single one of my collections. With her at the forefront of my mind as I design each collection, my work speaks to the power of a woman,” he says.

Mbane manages to translate this focus on the power of femininity to his entire collection. In both the womenswear and menswear, notice the beautiful play on traditionally feminine elements of tailoring and styling, along with the bold futuristic prints that have become a mark of the Imprint brand.

His garments bring out the ethnicity and speaks about being bold and proud. Thanks to the AFI Boutique you can shop the collection this festive for those loved ones who inspire you the most.

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  1. Olwethu Mbane 19 January 2021 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    Reading this article has been incredibly enlightening, highlighting the cultural element attached to the prints showcased in the latest Imprint’s collection in 2020.

    I love that the designer incorporated his traditional rituals and infused that with futuristic trends, in clothing. Embracing his background enables us to be inspired to do the same. His work is definitely immaculate and reflective of his character, which makes his creation extremely unique.

    Thank you for the beautiful article.

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