Make holiday gifting easy with Urban Zulu

Make holiday gifting easy with Urban Zulu

Congolese by birth, the founder of Urban Zulu grew up in an environment where dressing up was part of everyday life. Whether there was an occasion to show off your best threads or not, in his community it was the norm to express yourself boldly in the way you dressed. So, for him fashion especially streetwear was something that connected people and helped to celebrate the shared experience.

The very first garment Urban Zulu designer, Papy Kaluw made was a T-shirt for a friend. No wonder this idea of collaboration and being inspired by the people around him is so entrenched in his work. The concept of fashion being a communal affair comes through in his studio space, where he’s provided a platform for artists and jewellery designers to showcase their collections alongside his.

From the humble beginnings, the Urban Zulu brand has gone global; showcasing Pan-African fashion prints with an emphasis on streetwear. Urban Zulu’s latest collection was showcased at the AFI Fashion Week virtual experience in November.

You can now shop the collection straight from the runway by visiting the AFI Boutique. Dresses, pants, jumpsuits and bucket hats will make a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, make their festive season a joyous one.

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